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Elyse Wilde is inspired by the California lifestyle and fashion. Our style ranges from modern bohemian, edgy, west coast femme, as well as the sleek and classic staples, so there is a little something for everyone!


Elyse Wilde is a women's contemporary clothing store that seeks to empower women by creating a community that promotes unified living in the expressions of self-edification, individuality, and healthful living.  


Elyse Wilde was founded in 2017 by owner/CEO, Chelsea Brooks, who has worked and traveled within the fashion industry for 6+ years. Her experience includes working in wholesale at a multi-line showroom in Los Angeles managing multiple brands and retail stores (including major accounts like Revolve Clothing). Chelsea’s harmonious workflow with buyers at Revolve eventually let to her debut on the buying team for the online retailer, REVOLVE CLOTHING. Her position at Revolve Clothing focused on buying and assisting with ‘bohemian’ brands such as Free PeopleFor Love & LemonsCleobellaFlynn SkyeAuguste the LabelFaithfull the Brand, and Spell & Gypsy to name a few. 
Shortly after journeying back east to Tennessee, the owner longed the ‘West Coast‘ shopping experiences that provided an integrated lifestyle approach incorporating expressions of self-empowerment, individuality, and healthful living. She decided to bring these ideals to Knoxville, TN to empower women by creating a community to promote unified living; thus, Elyse Wilde was born. Elyse Wilde is dedicated to seeing a feminine community undergo lifestyle transformation through partnerships with local lifestyle leaders as well as unique clothing and styling.


Elyse Wilde is a curated platform of lifestyle brands that have sustainability and ethics at its forefront. While no brand or clothing item is 100% sustainable, we are continuously striving to educate ourselves so that we can partner with the best brands that are also making the effort to move forward in the world of sustainable and ethical fashion. 


We believe that fashion is an opportunity for self-expression but it’s more than that. Behind every brand and piece of clothing, there is a story, a maker, and an artisan which affects and impacts the world we live in today.


Ethics are at the heart of our company. We believe everyone should be treated equally and everyone should have basic human rights- regardless of the color of their skin, age, gender, sex, religion, political party, social class, working class, etc.


At Elyse Wilde, we make additional efforts to support sustainability. We think Mother Earth is pretty cool and want to leave our planet better than we found it. 



Learn more about our mission and commitment to sustainable fashion on our People + Planet page.


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