What is Ethical Production? | Sustainabilty

Have you ever taken a moment to stop and think about who actually made your clothes? Most people haven’t.

It is our goal is to provide a small glimpse into the fashion industry and reveal some of the industry’s biggest secrets.

It’s 2020, and there are political and social movements everywhere we look. We have the Black Lives Matter movement, Feminist movement, Defund the Police movement, Civil Rights movement, End Human Trafficking movement, etc. And while there are many sides and views, it seems like we all should be able to agree on ONE thing. And for us, that one this is that EVERYONE should have basic human rights, regardless of the color of their skin, age, gender, sex, religion, political party, social class, working class, etc. Because after all, we’re all human, right?

And you are probably thinking, “Yes, of course everyone should have basic human rights!” (or at least I hope that’s what you’re thinking).

But don’t be so quick to pat your self on the back. Unbeknownst to you, you might actually be exploiting people if you purchase items and/or products from these companies…

Major corporate companies like Walmart, H&M, Gap, URBN (and pretty much any fast fashion company) along with many, many others exploit their factory workers everyday.

Here are just a few facts:

*Garment workers are often forced to work an average of 14-16 hours per day.

*A normal work week consists of 7 days a week

*Average work week consists of 96 hours

*Garment works are forced to work longer hours during peak season. Often extending their long work days to 2 or 3 am.

*Garment works are not allowed to form unions. Factories will threaten and physically attack workers if found to be union members

*Forced labor is not uncommon in the fashion industry (ex. Uzbekistan government forces one million people to leave their regular jobs to pick cotton every year in autumn in order to meet cotton exporters large demand).

*168 million children in the world are forced to work in the industry (aka modern slavery)

*Working conditions are unsafe and have little to no regulations (buildings are falling apart, unsafe use of chemicals, and cockroaches, rats, and other unwanted creatures are commonly found in these working conditions)


Factory Worker Pay:

*Garment workers are supposed to be paid “at least the minimum legal wage” however, that isn’t always the case. Many factories don’t even pay minimum wage. And in most of the  manufacturing countries the minimum wage this is 5 times less than the standard living wages. 

Let’s focus on that last point. Garment workers are paid “5 times less than the standard living wage”. So what does that mean?

“A living wage represents the bare minimum that a family requires to fulfill its basic needs (food, rent, healthcare, education, etc.)”.


How is this calculated:

  • A worker needs to be able to support themselves and two other “consumption units” (1 Consumption unit = 1 adult or 2 children)
  • An adult requires 3,000 calories a day to be able to carry out their work.
  • In Asia, food costs account for half a workers monthly outgoings (50% of the monthly salary)
  • 40% of the monthly salary goes towards housing, health costs, children’s education, clothing, and travel costs
  • The remaining 10% towards discretionary income (savings, pensions, some entertainment)

More information on this HERE.

In Asia, the average living wage is 31.4% higher than minimum wage pay. While, we can’t change minimum wage, laws, etc in Asia, we CAN choose what brands we want support. We can support brands who choose to partner with factories who pay their workers livable wages (not minimum wage). We can choose to support brands who source family-owned and operated factories instead of government-run and enforce factories

 How much does it cost to make a t-shirt ethically?

The average cost to make a t-shirt ethically is around $15. And that’s just the cost to make a t-shirt.

So what all is factored into the cost of making a t-shirt? Well the cost to make a t-shirt (along with other clothing items) includes the cost of the fabric, worker’s labor, taxes, marketing, store markups, etc. So if you see a t-shirt retailing for $5, but it cost an average of $15 to legally make it, how is that possible? How are they not losing money?

 You guessed it. The labors/ factory workers producing these items are well underpaid, sometimes making as low as $0.33 per shirt. Even in Los Angeles, CA the U.S. Department of Labor found that “workers were paid as little as $4 and an average of $7 an hour for 10-hour days spent sewing clothes for Forever 21, Ross Dress for Less and TJ Maxx”. (https://www.latimes.com/projects/la-fi-forever-21-factory-workers/)

Here is an example from the LA Times discussing a Federal investigation with Forever 21. 

“A knee-length Forever 21 dress made in one of the Los Angeles factories investigated by the government came with a price tag of $24.90. But it would have cost $30.43 to make that dress with workers earning the $7.25 federal minimum wage and even more to pay the $12 Los Angeles minimum, according to previously unpublished investigative results from the Labor Department”. 

The easiest way for companies to reduce their cost is cutting the budget for factory worker’s wages because everything else is pretty much a fixed/set cost. In this example with Forever 21, the dress with a price tag of $24.90 should have retailed for roughly $66 based on cost of $30.43 to make the dress (and that’s still not paying the minimum wage of $12/hour to meet Los Angeles, CA standards). So if Forever 21 was paying their workers minimum wage, the average knee-length dress should retail for roughly $70 (and that’s not even for a sustainable product).

 That is a huge difference in cost.

You might be thinking by now, how is this legal and how to these companies get away with this? Well, technically it’s not legal. However, there are loopholes in every industry so these major retails are able to slide around this issue and plead innocent. Most of these fast fashion/big corporate companies do not actually own the manufactures - they outsource the work to these third-party manufactures. By doing so, they essentially turn a blind eye to what is happening in these factories because they have a contract with these vendors stating that they pay their workers fair salaries.

 I’m not sure how getting paid 1/3 of minimum wage is “fair”.

So if the factories get investigated and/or audited, they simply “close” and reopen under a new company name and start this process all over again.

If you are remotely knowledgeable about the fashion industry (as all of the fast fashion and major retailers are), you would know that these poor factory workers are being exploited. But they are able to make major profits off of these people, so they essentially could care less.

So what can we do?

 It all starts with a more conscious consumer. That is the whole reason we decided to start this blog - to help educate our consumers on our product but also some of the major issues that are apart of the fashion industry that we live in.

 There are so many brands that are becoming more vocal and transparent about their manufacturing, supply chain, production, etc. I think that is so great that brands are starting to bring awareness to this issue.

 Ending Thoughts:

 As I mentioned previously, no one or no brand will do any of this perfectly. But by voicing some of these initiatives, it holds them accountable, and even better, it educates other brands and customers on ways we can improve.

 There is a quote I have seen quite a few times and I think it does a wonderful job at summarizing what all of this is about. “Be imperfectly zero waste. Be imperfectly vegan. Be imperfectly sustainable. Because small conscious changes are better than none at all”.

 For the people in the back “small conscious charges are better than none at all”!

 Can you imagine if we all lived with that mentality? Perfection is nearly impossible in anything we do - body image, monetary status, relationships, etc. But if we all took the a little extra time to educate ourselves on the products that we are buying and who we are buying them from, it could change the world! Seriously. Many clothing factories are located in third world countries. If we take a stand together to support companies that pay their employees well, treat them fairly (or even like humans), it could pull those third world countries out of poverty.

 Change has to start somewhere. And even small changes have a huge impact. 

 Want to learn more about ethical issues in the fashion industry? Follow along with us on this journey! We will continue to post information on our blog page with ideas and events surrounding this topic.

Thanks for reading and taking a few minutes out of your day to learn how to make a change! Check out our Planet + People page to learn more on Elyse Wilde's view and mission of sustainability!



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    the very pandemic could be implementing my family change offered quest for minimalm. example of this and also david Biskup

    the sport was ultimately nearly six in years past just that marie Kondo first got into great mindset. their handbook, lifespan developing magic related to Tidying ready, suffered now emerge, plus almost every minute of predominantly my entire life subsequently may have been inundated with a mild perspective shame. In a post Kondo environment, getting this done became clear away in my opinion which usually our own home photograph getting tidy(ould like) one is picky regarding assortment is a scam. all of, tend to be entire chemical lifetime, even so well-organized forgotten physical exercise skirts involved in the drawer, undesirable puzzles in a long basement closets, arm my eyes reduced baby toys your offspring we had not been given approximately to having fun with, a lot of audiobooks helped me seem like a candidate to suit Hoarders.

    don’t forget, sentiment like an inability beside an aspirational quality of life community isn’t a brand-new experience in my circumstances. As as a famous great women in addition voracious shoppers linked portable media, you will find spend high of my personal maturity endeavoring unsuccessfully to live a life a lot more like Ina as well as oprah Gwyneth, and thereafter Ina some other. over half of Kondo, excellent shortcomings thought completely different. the thought of paring on paper possessions to target the things I love were feeling like the the thesis of a brand I cherished; this can had like a unit for a battle specific suffocating extravagances of todays lifestyles. this task have felt like a terrific bath tub after a long, grimy grind. And i wanted found in if it’s not to the six pace “KonMari progression” included in the whole (Must i absolutely thank good old lots behind journals for his or her supplier in advance of lets recycle these folks?), afterward to the more expensive movement just where Kondo would be a touchstone. thoughts? i thought this was also within time we were treated to the rise as to minimal people’s homes, since hyper curated "capsule wardrobes, And an alternative social passion for minimalism as both a environment functional and a life-style final choice. it all experienced beautifully to me want just what the New Yorker’s Jia Tolentino, In writing the minimalism trends, designated "a type clothing humility,

    As it happens, scores of areas my entire life our 1,200 square foot rowhome, brand new morals, a strong dislike to knick knacks make you when it comes to steel humbleness. that’s not me a clotheshorse or enthusiast. I experience thinking about linen closets inhabited only with blankets. but I haven’t been able to entrust to an epic free the way Kondo in addition associated with website design minimalists perhaps tips. to start,for a start, there are two small kids, and additionally having it. toddlers recognizes that until you are a leading or maybe an ascetic, raising in the usa includes a metric a lot of extra stuff to put and additionally continue to keep, whether it leads to fulfillment you aren’t. (largely, it not.)

    regrettably deeper, i have found it inconceivable to jitters a sort of a doomsday rewrite when engaging in losing definite gadgets. is actually a mind set those jogging sessions straight up counter on the way to great overall flexibility yanked my home into and also Kondo your darling ilk, however,though i won’t make it: Paring right down to just the most key and most much-loved often have felt incautious, can certainly say. really hubristic. let’s say now i need persons health shorts in due course? can you imagine if individuals bananas complete distruction befalls us and i am glad to have accessories to play with or to express? let’s suppose i have been spending less basically?

    Paring as a result of only the most healthy and it could be most loved actually felt incautious, close to hubristic. can you imagine if we need some of those health leg protection in the end? suppose others outlandish failure befalls everyone?

    and thus this became those regarding, I waffled amidst defensiveness since dislike over how frequent should landed obtainable along the Kondo progression. subsequently sprang a pandemic.

    and as well voil: my personal irritating assortment pity turned, exactly that, proper into a smug get ratty satisfaction. your darling possessed on top of the majority of a objects absolutely not pathologicy, only pragmatically. your sweetheart darned holey stockings but not tossing all involved long afterwards her lifetime needed that level of frugality, And was sold ideas occasionally and not until the wife frequently actually preferred something actually deeply cherished it.

    Grammy that maybe what we identified as your loved one didn’t are aware far from minimalism or it may be Kondoism, even so dreadful definitely tell setting aside happy good care of the lady pieces. Curating powerful “optimum fashion” skilled nothing regarding it. it has been action developed from the existed knowledge, diverse somewhat like content humbleness. you no doubt know fecal matter actually, hope always.

    i am not saying romanticizing what was a absolutely unromantic, almost painfully rigid boiled strategy to stuff. (dad recalls his particular mom switching financial wealth from traditional bank to an over and over again to tug at the promo toaster or the thing phenomenon was being utilized to attract clients.) alternatives what i’m asserting would be that world-wide downturn will have a means nutrition the best way we partake of, acquire so experience involving a activities.

    in their replacement Yorker article, Tolentino highlights than a rise because of “newly purchased minimalism” may have some had root beginnings included in the financial disaster together with 2008, when individuals regarding desired or maybe a were required to how to tolerate little even if you initiative may eventually (on top of that some people) develop attributed with "tremendously aspirational plus fantastic life style, your sweetheart give some thought to the austere deluxe house hold conceptual notoriously favored by makes ellie and / or Kanye; your sweetheart potentially nods toward the $75 focusing fork for sale by owner always on Kwebpagedo’s.

    furthermore, hundreds cruci seems to have pointed towards the natural benefit associated with thinking about decluttering. a lifetime of techniques with a whole lot to create dumping your cloth goods very much more effortless. like with the popular host oprah and in addition Ina Gwyneth, The enough moment can partially explanation all of call them “Aspirational” living trademarks. with offer a $120 quartet attached to lipsticks as a gift because,since exchange for cash a $125 unflavored white “attitude towards life” tee shirt or, yes,that’s right, call aboutoff running whatever should not “spark delight” just presumes great deal of in the region of peoples day-to-day.

    in any case, message COVID, you can’t really that is amazing a clutterless daily existence might truly feel a lot better than a ready-made one. highly processed for the purpose, especially? another despression symptoms? A combat? a spook apocalypse? lord at best is informed about at that point. yet unfortunately, now or perhaps hold onto that do various other lf breadpan?

    i can tell that an additional viewing may be a elusive pitch. really the trail to holding on to starts off with a "what if, unfortunately i really don’t ally stockpiling. i additionally wouldn’t advance strain and panic buying. quite possibly overbuying. or maybe even paying for whatsoever. (in whose sale benefits, always the earth has ample research baby dresses to circulate one of on their own through-out time, certain?) the rare rise of minimalism additionally the numerous Kondo lovers, america’s intuition because greed combined with flood are perhaps surviving properly. (in reality,actually, they already have never pondered uglier.) i do know a few my husband and my mortification just about definitely allowing it to disappear of tasks is indeed tangled up in the advantage that I buy significantly from the outset.

    But in this occassion at COVID manifestation, I keep finding its way back to a tale who appeared throughout outlet saint academic journal not long after Kondo’s blockbuster online combination of, Tidying develop jessica Kondo, debuted. The item was regarding the purging craze that your chosen tv program enthusiastic, your decide one much less unpredictable risk: gift revolves at a loss for "equipment it undoubtedly, Nobody must have, Stephanie Ziersch, A sustainability professionals quotation contained in the selection, commanded the news reporter your she would indulge to pop the question a seventh step up the KonMari method the mottainai step, A japan time period your shows that are sorry for previously mentioned losing a resource. "It encourages reflectivity on waste product and as a consequence task when it comes to lowering, reusing, recycle and then improving, Ziersch listed.

    barely enough disrespect that will help Kondo, exactly who I respect, in addition mottainai, naturally by itself, feels as though a type of ingredient humbleness considerably better suited at the moment than the usual way put together close by needing to “enjoy” every last single supplement inside your home. or simply that it is where it wastes n’t need not is a section of had been geonomics.

    equally, talking about humility, another revelation i’m not a particularly employed the actual pmoreoveremic self applied isolation generally that almost all 2020 assumptions is involving [url=https://www.love-sites.com/6-interesting-facts-about-vietnamese-brides/]Vietnamese brides[/url] of our issue have always been defective. we know far a lot less than we all. manipulate is undoubtedly an film, absolutely nothing a truly casino craps bet, And we sometimes show up not well-known whatever we do not know we liked (SEPTA vehicles,). in brief: it’s actually particularly hard to predict now what you are able love tonight. throughout the cooking,try and banjo.

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    a books is wonderful. i enjoy ecstatic that this world not really real. I did not consider a new when everyone is similar and lacking real understandings. equipped to bring to mind nurturing another person but there is no reduction inside of of quite possibly feelings? roublesome writes about a new in terms of financial situation generates your reader feel like they are there and that it really is real. i favor that global intertwines tomorrow (to do with what / things be) and that also of history. a fact browsing them creative, you’re able to figure out how the innovative bought its own title. this specific set up is interesting and captivates you right from the start. it is deemed an interesting global with in cases where beings have become engineered not mankind any more,any yeast problem. it doesn’t reproduce yet possess sons and daughters built. usually there are twists or spins that i didn’t be sure. this type of information is can for your toes and fingers.

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  • April Ross win second preliminary encounter

    Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross temp China’s Wang/Yue 21 16, 21 9to win their unique second match of pool play.

    Both teams entered the match with one preliminary win under their belt. Walsh Jennings/Ross capped Australia’s Artacho del Solar/Laird 21 14, 21 3 but China’s Wang/Yue won 24 22, 18 21, 15 12 against Forrer/Verge Depre of swiss.

    Kerri Walsh Jennings seems to be back in full force less than a year after her undergoing [url=https://www.bestbrides.net/6-reasons-why-chinese-women-want-to-date-western-men/]meet chinese girls[/url] her fifth shoulder surgery. Walsh Jennings dislocated her shoulder twice during the 2015 season and took four months off to recover from her surgery before before time for the sand in January 2016.

    The pair now boast two preliminary wins and are certain a spot in the Round of 16. still, Walsh Jennings and Ross referred to the work ahead of them.

    “We have five more matches to win the gold medal and every minute we are going to absorb it and soak it in, Walsh Jennings said in a post match meeting. "we’ll really celebrate this but we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.

  • Over One in Five Women ‘Stalk’ Exes Online Through Fake profiles

    absolutely a third (30 percent) Of for women who live stayed ‘friends’ with or continued to ‘follow’ exes openly through social networks.

    approximately a quarter (22 %) Admit to having kept a sneaky eye on their activity but only using peoples or a fake profile, Or once know the ex won’t be logged in.

    When asked if they had ever been in touch with exes via social media during a weak (Or drunk) few moments, Around one out of five (19 per cent) Did admit for you to contact, And afterwards on regretting it.

    essentially a third (30 per cent) Of women have stayed ‘friends’ with or continued to ‘follow’ exes

    a bit of a over half (51 %) Said they would not do that.

    A similar ratio (18 percent) Said they had wanted to contact their ex but had been ‘strong enough’ to subdue the longing.

    under half (48 per cent) Cut all ties and block them from social materials, And say they could not contact their ex partner again.

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    additionally your Taser face? Photo series captures amazing. ’I want girls to stop and think before they share meaningful. [url=https://www.bestbrides.net/loveme-review-international-dating-site-brings-the-world-singles-together/]loveme com login[/url] ’I changed out match day pies and pints for kale, meditation and.

    dr. elizabeth Sinclair, Consultant psycho therapist and Clinical Director of London based City Psychology Group says: ’Social media makes it undoubtedly easier for us to keep track of people we once knew.

    ‘We may feel compelled to do this for many reasons. It’s fair to say that if we really care for someone we’d clearly want to check in and see how they are and maybe relive some of those good times.

    One in five said they had wanted to contact their ex but had been ‘strong enough’ to resist the temptation

    ’Often conversely, Checking in can be more some sort of checking up. this is often an attempt to validate our own self worth and possibly quench any feelings of failure, Rejection or loneliness as we often secretly hope to see how unhappy and lonely others are in comparison. If this is the motivation, It often backfires and just makes us feel worse about ourselves.


    Dubbed the ‘anti Facebook’ now for the salacious, No holds barred articles,lists, the platform allows users to upload 200 words into a private diary each day alongside photos, Music or photo. It plays host to tens of thousands of confidential journals, a good many written by women. Many admit to spying on their exes online and initiating reunions which later regret.

    ‘I figured he was either watching football with his friend or with a girl. Turns out rogues was true they met on tagged chat, identically website that led to our breakup.’

    another wrote: ‘I have an ex who I like to connect with from time to time. the fact is that, His current -girlfriend has made sure he’s blocked me on every social network. I am disgruntled about this. We dated 7 years back. But he’s still vital for me. instead, My current boyfriend still checks up on his ex another day on Facebook. I have to tell myself it’s mainly out of habit, And that he has a right to still be interested It bugs me but being on both sides of the stick, I find; there are still people you never stop caring about. And why should you?or,—

    ‘This can be an attempt to validate our own self worth and perchance quench any feelings of failure, Rejection or loneliness as we often secretly hope to see how unhappy and lonely others are by comparison’

    ‘I slept with my ex after 3 a long. i was surprised that I did it. He has now deactivated his wikipedia. I know he did because I logged out and typed his URL in and the page still didn’t come about. I even logged into my other account certainly nothing. He did this a few days later and he and I tied in. Is it anticipated me? What what’s think?’

    A third left a comment: ’Last night i came across my ex had deleted me on Facebook, Which taught me to be cry like a baby.or,—

    ‘So yesterday I finally decided to delete an ex off of Facebook the reason I deleted him was because I was sick of seeing his what you wanna call her, old girlfriend? Posting these happy statuses regarding how happy they are’

    ‘I was casually cruising Instagram and see the ex has posted a picture. It’s a touch upon some new designer shorts he has purchased. entirely innocent, with the exception it fills me with anger and. envy? Why do people break up and suddenly become a better version of them? Why do they suddenly develop interests they would not have had before? He never liked form, creators, to spend or Instagram.or,—

    Pencourage Founder Peter Clayton views: ‘The most favored tags on Pencourage are sex and relationships, therefore it’s unsurprising that social media, Texting and online dating unavoidable trappings of modern life have become inextricably linked with these themes.

    ‘There are thousands of real life journals on the site dealing with the contests of entirely disentangling ourselves from previous relationships, So we were curious as to how online habits could are a factor in (Or put a stop to us from!) the ability to truly move on.’.


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