Sustainable Holiday Tips + Tricks

With the holidays right around the corner, we thought it would be nice to share some easy tips for a more sustainable holiday season!

It can seem daunting to take on the task of hosting a large dinner party with sustainability in mind, so we are here to break it down for you. Even just implementing a few ideas can make a huge difference! If you are looking to do some eco-friendly holiday hosting, here are some of our best tips.



1. Bring Out the Dishware + Flatware

Choosing to use the dishware and flatware that you already have in your home can be an easy way to implement a more sustainable holiday season. If you don’t have enough dishware to cater to the size of your guests list, thrifting is a great option for creating an assortment of sustainable ceramics. Chances are, if you are hosting a large dinner party for the holidays, this won’t be your last time. Investing in some dishes now will pay off in the long run, and it reduces paper waste. 


2. Skip Bottled Water

Another simple step to becoming more sustainable is as simple as not buying bottled water. Plastic water bottles are wasteful and there are plenty of other easy solutions for serving drinks. Instead of bottled water, try using a carafe or water dispenser. Additionally, if you don’t have enough glassware to suite your guest count, mason jars will do the trick for just about any beverage. Mason jars are budget friendly and you can reuse them as storage containers for your spices, coffee, and other refillable pantry items.

The environment will thank you! 


3. Seasonal Meal Plans

Planning your holiday meals might seem pretty obvious, but what if we planned our meals around getting the most use out of our food items? Plan meals where you can use scraps from other recipes to make something else! This concept is called closed loop cooking. We will share some great recipes “closed loop” below!

Did you know that you can use your food scraps to make stock? Reducing waste and creating a product out of what most people consider trash is pretty cool if you ask me!

Zero Waste Holiday Recipes.



4. Shop Local + Food Waste Reducing Options

Shopping in-season, imperfect food is another great way to reduce waste. My husband and I subscribe to misfits market for our organic produce. Misfits Market is affordable access to hearty food and fights the food waste crisis. They take “misfit fruits and misshapen vegetables” that do not meet grocery store’s modern-day beauty standards that would otherwise be discarded as waste, (as crazy as that sounds, it’s very real). Additionally, their packaging is eco-friendly!

We also love shopping at our local grocery store, Butler and Bailey! I’m personally not a fan of big grocery stores, so I love having a little market that I can get in and out of quickly. Plus, I would much rather support a local business over a big box store. Local farmers markets are another great option, (just remember to bring your own bag to reduce plastic waste). And don’t forget about your local butcher for your meats. Hen + Hoc is a local butcher shop that just opened in the Old City in Knoxville, TN that produces their meats ethically, (we give them a big thumbs up)!

Show your local markets some extra love this holiday season!


5. B.Y.O.T. (Bring Your Own Tupperware)

If you are like my family, we like to have lots of food and leftovers to enjoy while spending time with family over the next few days. So, if you have family or friends coming from in town and want to send some food home with them, tell them BYOT because we don’t want to waste or throw out excess food either. Skip the plastic baggies, plastic wraps, and foil for food storage. Plus, when your guests BYOT you don’t have to wait until next holiday season to get your favorite tupperware pieces back!

I linked some of my all time favorite food storage containers below:



6. Donate the Rest

If you have an excess of food that you know you will not be able to handle, donate it. Find a local food bank of donate excess or unused food to those in need. After all, sharing and giving is what the holiday season is all about!

If you are local to Knoxville, consider Second Harvest of East Tennessee 


Comment below your favorite sustainability tips + tricks. Be sure to follow our blog to learn more about Sustainable Living, Sustainable Fashion, and Eco-Friendly Products!

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